The Smokejet is a louvred ventilator for natural ventilation and smoke and heat extraction. It is a maintenance-free, compact and lightweight unit available with a variety of control options and finishes to suit all industrial and commercial applications. The unit is made from corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy, AIMg3.

The louvres are controlled by a pneumatic cylinder fitted with special permanent lubrication or by an electric motor. In the event of a fire, the thermal release system triggers automatically and independently of all other control mechanisms. The louvre blades can be made of glass, polycarbonate or aluminium.

The SmokeJet complies with DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159 (Depending on the specification). The EC declaration of conformity is delivered with the product.

A facade version of SmokeJet is also available with a slimline appearance ensuring the external lines of the building is not compromised.

The AirJet is an air inlet louvre for natural ventilation. It can be installed in all common wall types.

It is suitable for day to day ventilation as well as for air supply in smoke and heat extraction applications.