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Daylight at the workplace: That means a natural and at the same time, a pleasant working atmosphere. Daylight not only improves the working environment but also increases employees’ productivity. Replacing artificial lighting to a large extent.

Smoke & Fire Curtains

As part of a smoke ventilation system, a compartment screen may be required to form part of the reservoir boundary or used to limit smoke travel from the fire source. 


SMS Maintenance is recognised as Irelands leading maintenance service provider for smoke and heat ventilation systems of all kinds.

Daylight Systems

Daylight at the workplace: That means a natural, and at the same time, a pleasant working atmosphere.


The NV Solo is a versatile controller that ensures that the ventilations close in case of rain, strong wind and/or low outdoor temperature.

Smoke Ventilation

SMS provide smoke & heat control systems equipment to remove the smoke and hot gases caused by the combustion of a fire, allowing safe evacuation and fire-fighting, and minimising damage.


The Breakglass is designed for manual activation of smoke ventilation systems.

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