Smoke Ventilation

SMS provide smoke & heat control systems equipment to remove the smoke and hot gases caused by the combustion of a fire, allowing safe evacuation and fire-fighting, and minimising damage. The result of this is reduced temperature inside the building assisting evacuation of people and allows the fire to be fought under conditions similar to those seen in the initial stages.                                                                       

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Working closely with our partner Roda life-saving products they have developed into a leading manufacturer of natural smoke and heat ventilation systems. Roda combines technical know-how with up-to-date knowledge of European legislation. The quality of the products is a result of the high level of knowledge and experience and working closely with Smoke Management Systems Ltd.

SMS Mechanical Shaft

The SMS Mechanical Shaft is a mechanical fire-fighting shaft system which provides equivalent performance to a BRE shaft for the ventilation of common corridors and/or firefighting lobbies.

The unique feature of the SMS Mechanical Shaft is that each one is individually designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Therefore the system is tailored made to each building.

SMS provide a full technical description of the system along with the CFD analysis to which the system is designed to.

SMS Roda SmokeJect Louvred Ventilator

The Smokejet is a louvred ventilator for natural ventilation and smoke and heat extraction. It is a maintenance-free, compact and lightweight unit available with a variety of control options and finishes to suit all industrial and commercial applications. The unit is made from corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy, AIMg3.

The louvres are controlled by a pneumatic cylinder fitted with special permanent lubrication or by an electric motor. In the event of a fire, the thermal release system triggers automatically and independently of all other control mechanisms. The louvre blades can be made of glass, polycarbonate or aluminium.

The SmokeJet complies with DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159 (Depending on the specification). The EC declaration of conformity is delivered with the product.

A facade version of SmokeJet is also available with a slimline appearance ensuring the external lines of the building is not compromised.

The AirJet is an air inlet louvre for natural ventilation. It can be installed in all common wall types.

It is suitable for day to day ventilation as well as for air supply in smoke and heat extraction applications.

SMS Roda Eurolam

The Classic EuroLam louvre window system with all-round framed louvre panels and a large proportion of glass. It optimally fulfils the high thermal insulation, appearance and functional requirements, for daily and fire situations. The frame is made from thermally broken, extruded aluminium profiles.

The louvre blades are sealed via EPDM rubbers ensuring unapproachable performance.

Operation via 24V DC actuators (or 230V AC) and fully approved to IS EN 12101-2

SMS Roda Phoenix Flap Ventilator

The Phoenix is a natural heat and smoke extractor, it can be used for everyday ventilation (full ventilation at 90o vent position), even coping with extreme weather conditions. With ever increasing awareness of air loss through building the Phoenix is the only choice best solution and a louvred ventilator cost.

The top flaps can be fitted with a choice of either 16mm multiwall polycarbonate panels or an aluminium sandwich structure.

The Phoenix can come as a single or double flap opening system.

The Phoenix comply with DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159 (depending on the specification).

SMS Roda Firefighter Glazed Ventilator

The Firefighter can be used for everyday ventilation even coping with extreme weather conditions along with its function as a natural heat and smoke extractor. The Firefighter meets very high standards regarding stability and sound insulation. Equipped with weatherproof profiled seals between the unit base frame and the top flaps, the units are manufactured with an integrated rainwater drainage system.

The base frames and the top flaps are manufactured from non-combustible materials.

If required the Firefighter can be delivered with fall through safety grids to guarantee the required fall-through protection.

The Firefighter complies with DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159.

SMS Roda Venturislide

The Venturislide is a triple skin polycarbonate dome smoke vent access hatch. The lid can also be manufactured from glass or insulated aluminium.

The base of the unit can fit onto flat roofs via its own upstand or a builder’s upstand via a base adaptor. It can also be installed onto composite roofs or glazing systems.

The lid gently slides across the base of the ventilator via hidden 24V DC actuators to reveal a clear unobtrusive daylight opening that can also be used for roof access.

The ventilator is fully CE marked and EN 12101-2 approved as a smoke ventilator.