DayLight System

Daylight at the workplace: That means a natural, and at the same time, a pleasant working atmosphere. Daylight not only improves the working environment but also increases employees’ productivity. Replacing artificial lighting to a large extent.

Polycarbonate Domes
SMS BIK Rooflights

The SMS Daylight Domelights are manufactured from polycarbonate thermoplastic. This ensures the roof light has, high impact resistance, high transparency, is UV resistant and good fire characteristics.

The Unique glazing cassette minimises the risk of condensation. There are various options available, such as circular, square and rectangular domes and are available in single, double, triple and quad skins.

The dome lights are BS EN 1873, Class B, non-fragile compliant.

Flatroof low energy rooflight
SMS Vitral Skyvision

The SMS Vitral Skyvision is an attractive rooflight designed for flat roof applications. Manufactured from double glazing, an aluminium carrier and a wooden upstand, the complete system as a u value of 1.24W/m2k.

Options of the rooflight include, Comfort for daily ventilation, Ecoline for an improved u value of .087W/m2k, and walk on for pedestrian applications.

The SMS Vitral Skyvison comes with a 5 year warranty. It is CE marked according to DS/EN14351-1

Continuous Barrel Vault

The Eurolight is an arched skylight system with multiwall polycarbonate panels mounted in extruded aluminium sections. The panels are thermally separated in the radius. The system’s good thermal insulation properties ensure low energy costs.

If required the Eurolight can be fitted with fall-through prevention systems.

The Eurolight complies with the fire classification B-s1, d0 (opal: B-s2, d0)

Thermally Broken Stainless Steel Rooflight
SMS Vitral VRS

The SMS Vitral VRS is a panel based rooflight made of brushed stainless steel. The slim frames and shallow profiles allow a panel size up to 2.5m2.

Daily or Smoke Ventilation realised via concealed actuators to IS EN 12101-2

The SMS Vitral comes with a 5 year warranty. It is CE marked according to DS/EN14351-1

SMS Flat
Glaze Rooflight

The SMS Flat Glaze Rooflight is ideally suited for economical daylight solutions. The SMS Flat Glaze is manufactured from two separate inner and outer aluminium frames which provides a thermally separated rooflight.

The glass is bonded to the aluminium frame which guarantees a high level of air sealing.

The unit can be finished natural aluminium or PPC to any Group 1, Standard RAL Colour.

Thermally Broken Rooflight
SMS Vitral A74

The SMS Vitral is a panel based rooflight system with 74mnm deep aluminium profiles, it does not have a carrier frame as with patent glazing and curtain walling. This means every panel is capable of opening without the need for extra framing, so maintaining low U-Values, controlling costs and maximizing the amount of daylight through the system.

Single pitch roof light: 15-90 degrees
Double pitch roof light: 25-60 degrees (15 is fully supported)

This unit is available in natural anodised aluminium or PPC to any RAL colour. A wide variety of colours are available.
Daily or Smoke Ventilation realised via concealed actuators to IS EN 12101-2.