VENTRA STERLING is a multi louvred ventilator that provides an economic,nonpowered method of ventilation, allowing the removal of large quantities of warm air and / or smoke from a building within a short period of time. The VENTRA STERLING is a further development on the already proven VENTRA but is a response to the increased requirements for air tightness and thermal insulation in certain building designs and applications worldwide. The Ventra Sterling is suitable for fresh air supply (facade), air and smoke extraction (facade and roof) and natural lighting. The vents are manufactured according to ISO 9001
quality control standards. The vents are formed from high quality corrosion resistant aluminium to ensure low maintenance requirements and water tightness. Various methods of operation using pneumatic or electric actuators are available. The ventilator design produces a versatile economic unit suitable for a wide range of applications. Available on large dimensions, up to 2400 x 3826 mm (width x length).

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